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Each day we need to replace about 2 litres of fluid to balance general body losses - even before sweat loss during training are taken into account. When the body heats up, production of sweat helps to reduce body temperature. Sweat rates vary between individuals, and increase with harder works loads and hotter environments.

Think of your body as a car with a radiator, if you don't keep the radiator full your car over heats and will break down or run poorly. Same goes for your body, if you don't stay well hydrated.

There is a gradual reduction in performance, physical and mental, as the degree of dehydration increases.

Fluid needs are important to your competition strategies, so start developing good drinking habits in advance. Look forward to better training when you are better hydrated. Good luck - or even thirst - are not the basis of a good hydration plan, be organised with drinking plenty of fluid over the day.

Strategies to replace fluids over the day

Every 1 kg of weight lost = 1 litre of fluid.

Try to keep fluid loss to a minimum over a session by drinking as often as practical.

During the game

Most important during the event is fluid intake. Hopefully you have stayed well hydrated during the day with plenty of fluid intake, to take some pressure off drinking huge volumes during a competition. There is a gradual reduction in performance as the degree of dehydration increases.

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