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Hi Clare. I just wanted to say thank you for this website! It really helped me with a school project I am currently doing! I can tell you have put so much time and effort into this website. Thanks again! from Jessica Delio (Dec 2013)

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for your website. I found it very informative and very easy to navigate through. I have recently started pursuing a career in the health and wellness field. And am eager to learn about inspiring people like yourself who are enjoying a successful career that they are passionate about. Carlos Marin (Sept 2012)

I have to say that I am personally very impressed of Your work!! Thank You ever so much!
Best regards, Susanne Carlsson, Tenpin Bowling Coach from Sweden (July 2011)

Hi Clare, Just wanted to say thanks for a really excellent website - well-written, informative & much more interesting than any other I've found on the subject of sports nutrition ... I think your website is fascinating & inspiring, you obviously love what you do & so big thanks for sharing.
Regards, Kate Lewis (Feb 2011)

I'm studying nutrition at curtin (2nd year) and am very interested in the sports field! and this website was great for info :) Savina Rego (Sept 2010)

Good job you are doing and let me share your views on dietary. esp Research results. By the by I am Assistant Professor working in the University Department. Thank you. with regards,Dr. C. Arumugam (Sep 2010)

Your website has been really useful...Thanks! Niall Moloney (June 2010)

Hi Clare, We’ve finally finished the Big Walk promo and I just wanted to say a very big Thank-you for your great copy – and prompt filing. The coverage ... was very informative and professional and I’ve had lots of great feedback on your involvement in the campaign. Many thanks.  Monica Videnieks (Mind&Body Editor of The West Australian. [Nov 2009]

I was working on some menu and stopped on your site. Well done. Gregg P. Bashor. Executive Chef, Green Lake Conference Center [Feb 2009]


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