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Here are questions and my short answers from a nutritional supplement survey that I did in 2008 for a student. See also a similar interview I did about Vitamins and Athletes.

    1. How long have you been a sports dietitian? 8 years.

    2. How did you get into this area of nutrition? I started studying science at University, majoring in biochemistry, and discovered that the unit of nutritional science/nutritional biochemistry was the most interesting for me so I changed my direction of study.

    3. What percentage (approximately) of clients ask about using nutritional supplements/nutritional ergogenic aids? Of my sporting clients, at a guess around 50-60% would ask about using supplements or ergogenic aids. However if we are including 'sports drinks' and other food type supplements (which I consider to be in this category)I would increase that percentage to abound 80-85%.

    4. What is your philosophy on the use of nutritional supplements/nutritional ergogenic aids? I would never recommend anything to my clients that is currently illegal according to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) code. I always suggest the use of 'real' food as a first step to improving performance, before looking to use any supplements.

    5. How you keep up to date about the latest nutritional supplements/nutritional ergogenic aids, their safety, uses, doses, etc? I try to keep up with the latest research by reading research journals and going to the occasional conferences. My professional association Sports Dietitians Australia ( has a great website that also keeps me up to date with current knowledge.

    6. Which nutritional supplements/nutritional ergogenic aids do your clients ask about the most? Caffeine, creatine, Sports drinks, Sports bars and Sports gels, Protein powders.

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