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I get many queries from students who want more information about becoming a sports dietitian. Have a look at the FAQ about working as a Sports Dietitian for an overview of what the job requires. Below are more specific examples of what I personally do as a sports dietitian.

Could you describe what kind of clients you mostly work with?

With my Sports Institute work (currently at WAIS) I consult with mainly elite level athletes who attend Commonwealth and Olympic Games as well as World Championships or equivalent. Plus up-and-coming athletes who are at the top end of their age groups, or have been picked up through a talent ID program, and are coming into the Institute System. The latter are the ones that need the most amount of ground work to get them up to speed with nutrition advice. The more experienced athletes have heard a lot about nutrition, but may need specific 'tweaking' of their intake to assist with performance.

What kind of initial assessments do you do with your clients?

One-on-one consultations involve assessing a persons living situation, e.g. who they live with, if they can cook, if they study or work etc., plus their medical, anthropometrical and training history, all of which affect a persons nutritional goals. I then talk through a typical daily intake and assess any need for change. I also address any questions or concerns an athlete may have, and give advice and set goals accordingly. If possible I will aim to get a food diary or record of what the athlete has eaten over a certain period of time.

How do you monitor progress? (weight, body composition, etc.) Why?

A food diary is the best monitoring tool a dietitian has, to assess what the dietary intake of the person is. Body composition; weight, height and skinfold data can be collected and compared to intake and training period. Optimally reviews 3-4 weekly will enable the best changes necessary to reach nutrition goals.

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