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After graduating from Curtin University in Western Australia, I moved to Darwin and worked for three years consulting as a sports dietitian at the Northern Territory Insititue of Sport, and running my own private practice. From there I moved to Canberra to work at the Australian Insititue of Sport for over two years. After a couple of years working in Melbourne for SDA and as a consultant with the Victorian Institute of Sport and the Richmond AFL club, I moved back to Perth and spent some time working at the Western Australian Institute of Sport.

Current Position: Consultant Dietitian

Previous Employment

Sports Dietitian: Australian Institute of Sport, Canberra, ACT Australia

Jan 2003-Dec 2003 Nestle Fellowship
Jan 2004-Jan 2005 Food Service Dietitian and Sports Dietitian.

2003 Responsibilities:

1. Management of the nutrition support programmes for Men’s and Women’s AIS Basketball programmes, which involves:

2. Management of AIS camp based sports: Rugby, Rugby League, Winter sports, Women’s Cricket and the Alpine disabled programs.

3. Coordination of nutrition services for sporting and commercial camp based programs visiting the AIS. Groups included National Sporting Organisation athletes in Judo, Swimming, Soccer, Athletics, Motor sports, plus coach and school groups.

2004 Responsibilities:

Sports Nutrition

Food Service Dietitian

Ongoing Responsibilities

Owner/Manager Nutrition Works 2000-2002

This is a busy private dietetic practice based at Nightcliff Sports Complex, NT.
The business specialises in sports nutrition and weight management. However, it also covers a diverse range of work including: clinical, sports, catering and community dietetics.

1. Sports Nutrition:

2. Clinical Dietetics:

3. Community Dietetics:

4. Catering Dietetics:

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